PαC projects directly target the reduction in atmospheric composition of CO2 with the goal of limiting dangerous planetary warming to less than 2⁰ C. Through the use of technology licensed from an affiliate company, Planetary Emissions Management Inc. (“PEM”), PαC makes direct measurement of net annual forest carbon storage that occurs during forest growth (e.g., tree planting, management) across a project creating a new class of verifiable forest carbon storage products, also known as carbon offset credits. The PαC forest carbon products reflect their place of origin, amount and type of sequestered GHGs, the presence of flora, fauna and Indigenous Peoples and range in price from ~$5 to ~$10,000 per product. The unique PαC products are offered for sale to voluntary and compliance buyers worldwide across existing carbon credit platforms and new business venues created by PαC for carbon market transactions. The ultimate mission of our company is to reverse and slow deforestation, one of the most challenging global and humanitarian issues of our time and of our future. While we recognize that the flora, fauna and Peoples that comprise the planet's forests are truly priceless, the anthropogenic impact on forests can be valued and priced for mitigation of impacts through application of PEM technologies by PαC.

PαC creates forest carbon storage products by commercializing and deploying patented technologies and services developed by PEM. PαC has entered into a license and collaboration agreement, whereby PαC will be able to use PEM’s patented technologies. PαC is a for-profit business entity that will operate independently of, but in concert with, specific country-based climate management frameworks (e.g., Paris Agreement), or lack thereof. Verified measurement methods for GHGs benefit all stakeholders and climate management policies whether cap and trade, tax or hybrid instruments anywhere on the planet.

In summary, PαC will develop innovative forest carbon sequestration projects resulting in unique measurement based products that are sold to buyers worldwide, creating revenue while ultimately fulfilling its mission of supporting landowners, reversing deforestation and reducing the burden of atmospheric GHGs.

We believe that carbon products linked to verified emission reduction are lacking. Unless consumers can reliably offset emissions as frequently as they fill up with gas or travel by airplane or transport goods by truck, we may not be able to effectively respond to the risks of climate change. In addition, we believe that "data trumps estimation", and accordingly adopt rigorous and scientifically based measurements with embedded calibrated standards for all forest carbon pools. PαC direct measurements are a required foundation for credible forest carbon offsets and pricing that meet climate targets and catalyze carbon financial markets. No such measurements and standards exist for commercial scale forest carbon protocols. PαC innovations create direct landscape-scale measurement of GHGs.

The foundation of our approach is comprised of low cost, high frequency and high precision direct and simultaneous measurement of GHGs across the project boundaries including primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). The result is verification and accounting for stored carbon and GHG emission reductions that are then transformed into diverse PαC products. Our Direct Measurement Forest Carbon Protocol™ (“DMFCP”) that will be deployed across all PαC projects ensures that our products are real and verified.

Thus, we are taking advantage of the carbon market mechanisms consisting of ~40 national jurisdictions with 20+ cities, states and regions also putting a price on carbon8 while advancing an improved standard of direct measurement of sequestered GHGs. In addition, our approach enables Article 6 of the Paris Agreement that calls for carbon trading markets and linking of such markets in a harmonized global framework.