Plant an App is a low-code development platform that lets you rapidly build & deploy web applications. Differentiating itself from other platforms, Plant an App offers the speed & flexibility of no-code & low-code combined. Developer input is also promoted from Day 1, with a multitude of programming languages & API tools being supported. Four layers of application development provide the scope to create robust solutions with real business value.

Plant an App allows businesses to accelerate software development & democratize it, resulting in organisations delivering custom, enterprise-ready applications in a matter of days or weeks. Our sophisticated low-code platform aids the seamless modernization of business-critical software & processes.

Creating in-house solutions can be time consuming & expensive. Hand coding a custom model could take months if not years and it is without saying that a lot could change in that time for your business.

Plant an App offers; Powerful & Flexible Business Logic & Integration Suite, UI Building Capabilities, Robust Data Architecture, Reporting & Monitoring, Security, Rapid Prototyping & Testing, Full Control & Ease of Use, Scalability, Seamless Integration, Cloud-Based or On-Premise, Future-Proofing Capabilities, Easy Customisation, Capacity to Modernize Core Systems & much, much more!

Plant an App is here to stay. An ever-growing community, cloud-based functionality, & expansive repository of updated assets, ensure a platform that is designed for the future. By partnering with Plant an App, your teams will receive the digital resources, skills, & support needed to develop without restraint.