Plant Health Care is a leading provider of scientifically proven biological products for the agricultural industry. The Company offers products to improve the health, vigor and yield of major field crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton and rice, as well as specialty crops such as fruits and vegetables.

Our innovative line of patent protected products provides both economic and environmental benefits for our customers and capitalizes upon long-term trends towards natural systems and biological solutions to promote plant health and growth.

Plant Health Care has global reach through operating subsidiaries and supply agreements with major industry partners.

Key products include Myconate, ProAct, Employ, N-Hibit.

The Company has focused on selling or licensing its technologies in global agricultural markets in order to achieve the greatest return for its stakeholders.

Plant Health Care was established in 1995 in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) in the United States and moved the company’s headquarters to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2013.

Its products have been aimed at the agriculture industry, through supply and distribution agreements with industry partners.

Plant Health Care’s patent protected products deliver both environmental and economic benefits for our customers and capitalize upon long-term trends towards natural systems and biological products to promote plant health and growth.

Plant Health Care is the world leader in Plant Response Elicitor technology, a class of bio-rational agricultural technology known as PREtec.

PREtec elicitors selectively activate the innate growth and defense mechanisms of crop plants, leading to higher yields and better protection against pests and pathogens.

The Group’s new technology segment is focused on the invention and early development of PREtec signal peptides and the elucidation of their mode of action.

Plant Health Care has historic capabilities in this field going back to the discovery and development of Harpins, which are pathogen-derived effector molecules.