PlastAway supplies the plastics manufacturing industry with natural additives that make conventional plastic products biodegradable.

Our additives use the oxo-biodegradation process to degrade the plastic. This method uses exposure to a UV light source, heat, and time to completely degrade the plastic. The degradation time is controlled by the percentage of additive used. The degradation process is initiated at the manufacturing time of your product when the additives are blended into the master batch.

The first stage of degradation results in the film being reduced to a fine powder. This powder is totally inert and physiologically harmless to man, animals, and to plant life. Then, the ongoing and irreversible break-down process follows a path of continuous shortening of the molecular long-chain structure of the polymeric material.

The last phase results in low molecular weight paraffin like waxes, soil type mulch (biomass), and finally the
downward path continues until the polymer is ultimately returned to the natural carbon cycle as simple compounds such as water and carbon dioxide.

Biodegradable plastics can be completely assimilated by micro-organisms present in the disposal system. After complete biodegradation & disintegration of the plastics, the end results are  H20, CO2, and biomass.

Today, degradable plastic is the only viable alternative to eliminating plastic pollution.

Here is an overview of the most effective solution to degrade plastic polymers using our low-percentages additives and making your end-products cost effective.

- Photo-degradable
- Oxo-biodegradable
- Aero and Anerobically
- Contains no heavy metals
- Returns to earth as organic

- Variable according to application (1-3%)
- Control of the plastic lifecycle
- Adjustable trigger for degradation
- Reduction of landfill
- No toxic residue

- Very cost effective
- Complete eco solution
- Co-branding opportunities
- Environmental message

- Different types of additives
- Easy to process and no change needed
- Effective in high range of polymers
- Performance based on ASTM 6954-04
- Food compliant