Our investment strategy is to isolate the market leader within a sector where product innovation is coupled with rapidly increasing demand in the market place. We focus on companies which afford our institutional and private clients the opportunity to invest ahead of the market, due to the low awareness of the profit potential in these companies. If your goal as an investor is to continuously improve your investment performance and increase your p invest in industries and companies with high growth potential and innovative products, solutions or services.

Platinum House Financial (PHF) is ideally positioned to help you identify and invest in companies that are perfectly poised for growth. Our private client team is proud of our strong client relationships based on long-term investment success.

Platinum House Financial offers clients a management philosophy that is contrary by nature. Rather than push a corporate agenda, we focus on creating individual solutions designed to meet specific financial goals. PHF has built a loyal following by providing independent and straightforward wealth management solutions. It's the way we prefer to do business, and the way we believe business should be done.

Platinum House Financial offer our services as Global commodity brokers and consultants to our valued clients. As advisers we study price Changes in the global markets, product trends, and conduct considerable research on statistical data. PHF’s valuable information helps our clients in taking prompt and strategic business decisions. Our big strength lies in our knowledge of the Energy and Precious Metals markets which we have gathered over the last 20years. Our Strength is offering our clients many different business opportunities from all corners of the globe and also help expand their product portfolio. PHF’s ability to correctly and quickly assess global market changes gives us the edge over our competitors. PHF’s can also provide our foreign clients with inclusive information about our local markets and also all markets worldwide.
Life is hard enough.  When trading it doesn’t have to be.  When choosing Platinum House Financial and our Futures Trading Advice Signal Execution, you will save time and costly execution problems while gaining peace of mind as we carry out all aspects of the trade execution process for you.
Platinum House Financial offer Spread bets on commodity markets including precious metals, crude oil and more.
   Learn and develop trading strategies.
•     Real time pricing
•     Spread betting from 10p per point for a limited period
•     Free PHF trading academy courses
•     Easy to use PHF software