Platinum Star, a certified MWBE, was established to assist underserved businesses and women business owners to achieve their goals through positive and consistent exposure.  Ever evolving, her clients have covered the gamut from boxing to fashion, the entertainment, film, and music industry and from health and wellness, corporations and to nonprofit organizations that provide services to military veterans and other underserved populations.  As an entertainment publicist, Marie has increased the star ranking of several actors, producers, directors, writers, musicians, stylist and fashion icons at red carpet events, special events, and beyond.

Marie has diversified and expanded her company to manage some of the best in the entertainment industry from award-winning directors, writers, actors to singers, songwriters, and musicians.  Taking her company to the next level and creating a one-stop shop to provide distribution, production and more, Marie entered into a joint venture with West Swagg Music Group under the umbrella of Indee Corp., producers of Indee Artist Music Awards, and serves as the COO alongside the CEO Lupe Rose.  Recently, Marie joined the Association of Talent Agents (ATA) and is the vice president of Apple Talent Group in Agoura Hills, CA.  Under Social Media TV (SMTV), Marie is in control of Platinum Star TV with more than 50 million viewers.