The Professional Liability Insurance Group specializes in meeting the insurance needs of Healthcare Providers, Attorneys, Accountants, Architects and Engineers.  This goes beyond Professional Liability insurance to include Business Owners, Health, Workers Compensation, Data Privacy, Billing Audit, and Directors & Officers protection, among others.

Odds are, if you look up and down the street outside your office, you will see at least one insurance office. So, amidst all this "competition" what makes us think that The Professional Liability Insurance Group can do it better?

Actually, there are four parts to the answer:

1. Specialization. Our sole focus is Professionals. That means we fully understand the products, the carriers and most importantly, our clients’ needs within this specialized market. It means we are best equipped to guide you in making educated decisions regarding the most complete and affordable  Professional Liability insurance for your needs.

2. Experience. PLIG wrote its first Professional Liability insurance policy more than 15 years ago. Our combined experience is diverse and transcends insurance to include many other areas.  For example, our Principal and owner has worked both in the Institutional/Hospital staff setting, as well as the Research and Development sector as a Research Scientist. For many years our staff has had the privilege of working side-by-side with physicians, nurses and many other healthcare providers, as well as attorneys, accountants and other financial professionals. We have a first-hand understanding of the unique needs of these professionals and have incorporated this into the way we do business.

3. Service. Given our backgrounds, we know how precious time is in the professional environment. We understand when you're not on the job, you're probably on call and when you're not on call, you'd much rather be relaxing than thinking about insurance. That's why we're there when you need us. If it's breakfast before an appointment, a quick call between meetings or a late night email, our goal is not only to respond, but also to respond with the right information. Our clients stay with us because they value our ability to meet with them on their terms and to give them critical, well researched information. We never rest when it comes to improving the service to our clients. They are truly considered ‘family' to us and we protect them the same way we would a family member.

4. Commitment to the Community. There's a reason why we are truly committed to our community. It's where our families live. It's where our office is. It's where we serve. It's where we focus our philanthropic efforts and "get involved'. It's not that we can't write insurance in other areas or states.  For that matter, in fact, we do. But our philanthropic focus—just like yours—is in our community. If you live or work local to our families, it means we're never more than a couple of hours drive away from you. It means when you appear at a local charity or fund raiser, we'll probably be there too. There's something comforting about working with local businesses and we want you to be comfortable with the protection of Professional Liability Insurance Group. Basically, we have our ‘roots' where others may simply have ‘branches'. We look for that in the businesses we trust. We would like to think you do too.
Put Us to the Test

Of course these are merely words on a screen. If you would like to see us put our efforts where our words are, contact us now. There's no obligation to review your options – and our conversations are always confidential! Our clients tell us that our Specialization, Experience, Service, and Commitment are what they like most about The Professional Liability Insurance Group.  We advocate for our clients every day.  You may like the refreshing approach to how we do business too.  The only way to know is to reach out to us today.