Pocket Anatomy App’s are a portable source of high quality human anatomical information delivered through the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch technologies.  The applications assist busy medical students with their human anatomy studies and in preparing for the examinations associated with gaining a medical degree.

The Pocket Anatomy App’s are a break-through in human anatomy education. The products provide detailed anatomical content in an interactive and easily accessible form. The applications come with a built-in capability to self-test as a mechanism to support and reinforce the learning process and assist medical students in their examination preparation. The learning content is presented as a series of fully annotated illustrations with detailed narrative associated with the area of the body in question and the capability to make individual learning notes as the student progresses through the learning content.

The detailed anatomical information is presented in a 360-degree layered sequence of high-definition illustratons. Starting at the skin level and navigating from superficial to deep musculature, through to ligaments and skeleton, this interactive human body includes learning material relating to anatomy, function, blood supply, innervation, and clinical relevance.

The development of Pocket Anatomy has been led by the anatomy department of a leading medical school in Ireland with substantial input from a team of medical students. Structure, content and usability have been developed to allow the medical student to actively engage with the learning content and dictate their pace of learning.