Hippocratic Solutions provides medical billing and debt collection services for podiatrists and surgical physicians all across the United States. As a successful medical billing company with a full team of experts in place, we are confident that our company is one of the most technologically advanced in the business and certainly one that can successfully fulfill all your medical billing requirements. By way of example, the following will give you some idea about our services and what we provide:

--100 % Transparency: The providers and office staff are constantly informed of the financial well-being of the practice, the status of the submitted claims and the performance of the billing service in real-time.
--Coding: We not only review your current superbill, but we also make sure your codes are up to date and always compliant.
--Delivery: We guarantee delivery of your claims to insurance companies with 24 hours receipt of the faxed superbill, plus your claims will be promptly available for viewing and analysis by your staff and/or providers.

With a deep desire and commitment to infuse each physician’s medical billing needs with skill and professionalism, Hippocratic Solutions takes our role very seriously, serving our physicians with great care and providing a full service for a valued price.

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