Medical Supply Markdowns Now Available Nationwide PodiCare Purchasing Co-Op Announces Its GRAND OPENING

The First National Medical Supply Company Established to Give Doctors Substantial Savings; Through Network of Doctors, Provides Direct Access to 150k Name Brand Medical Supplies

According to a 2003 survey by the journal Modern Medicine, the average physician’s office spends more than half of their revenue on operating expenses alone.  Of that, the average cost per year for clinical supplies ranges from anywhere between $5,000 and $22,000, depending on the nature and volume of the practice. Behind payroll, rent and malpractice insurance, medical supplies can eat up a significant chunk of any doctor’s take-home pay. Fortunately, unlike those other fixed expenses, the cost of medical supplies is no longer inflexible – and that’s all thanks to a new nationwide service called PodiCare Purchasing Co-Op.

PPCO Offers Groundbreaking Savings To Doctors’ Offices Across The Country

From bandages, scalpel blades and foot pads to gloves, pharmaceuticals and syringes, PPCO supplies its doctors’ offices with "groundbreaking savings" to the tune of 20-50% as compared to other commercially advertised suppliers. PodiCare’s 13 national distribution centers ensure rapid delivery of every order as well.  PPCO members also get automatically enrolled in the company’s "Revenue Share Program", which rebates 2% back annually on all purchases.  As PPCO continues to expand, they will add additional services and supplies at significantly reduced rates.

About Podicare Purchasing Co-Op:

PodiCare Purchasing Co-Op is the first national medical supply company established to provide doctors with "Substantial Savings" through affiliating with a network of thousands of doctors nationwide. Founded by Podiatry for Podiatry, PPCO’s mission is to provide direct access to over 150,000 nationally name-branded and manufactured medical supplies of the highest quality.

For more about Podicare Purchasing Co-Op, visit: www.podicorp.com