Point to Check Data, LLC, sole purpose is to provide easy to use online services for  educational institutions and their staff.  The goal is simple, to create a level playing field for all levels of education and to produce higher achieving and more effective Educators in the classroom. To meet the law requirement challenges of today’s educational institutions, Point to Check Data, LLC has created the Coach One Evaluation System®. An easy Teacher Evaluation growth vehicle to aid Educators by promoting a coaching style strategy utilizing stronger more experienced peer Educators to create in school professional learning communities for better and faster learning while helping to save the school system time and money. It is intended for Educators to thrive and excel by mapping out future training and producing improved teacher learning and more importantly helping and strengthening the growth of our students.We know that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, inventors, and skilled professionals. In essence, Educators are extremely important to our youth’s future and Point to Check Data is here to insure that they are given every tool and opportunity to build students into leaders for a better future.