Point Enterprises was founded in early 1996. In the early years Point provided technology consulting, custom development and legacy support to clients in the financial services industry and social services agencies. Since 1999 we have developed and marketed licensed software products into the same industries, while continuing to provide technology support to our clients.

Our Approach
At Point we work to understand the customer's requirements and to provide cost effective, value added and high quality software solutions for your business needs. Establishing long-term relationships with our clients allows us to blend our skills and experience with the client's specialized knowledge, forming a strong, dependable team to address the business needs.

Our solutions have benfited financial institutions for years by providing:
  1. Cost savings thru optimizing branch staffing levels
  2. Improved customer service by matching staffing levels to actual requirements
  3. Increased cooperation between central management, branch operations and staff
  4. Teller/Staff accountability
  5, Effective results quickly