Polwire serves as a press release and social media aggregator for the niche markets of politicians, public officials, journalists, diplomatic community and government officials worldwide. Polwire.com aggregates press releases and social media posts from all politicians and public officials in the U.S. and from governments and embassies around the world.

Politicians, journalists and lobbyists crave information. The global explosion of the internet, social media and information technology forces these groups to rely on each other more than ever. The ability of anyone with a cell phone to 'report the news' continues to alter the dynamic of this love/hate relationship and has increased the need for timely, accurate information across many mediums. The line between lobbyists, journalists, politicians and the public has quickly disappeared, and to succeed in today's fast-paced society, all these groups need information in real time from a wide range of sources. When an unknown blogger breaks a story with a Twitter post and it goes viral, journalists are no longer reporting the news, but reacting to it. Politicians and lobbyists similarly must embrace the speed of information and the aggressive media that not only reports on politics, but influences and directs and outcomes as well.

This is where Polwire’s services become crucial!

While other news wire services simply ‘distribute’ data without filters and are based on limited resources to create articles or paid press releases. Polwire is a tremendous working tool for subscribers to check frequently, and is far superior option than ‘waiting for news to happen’ or using search engines. Our aggregated data can be tagged by party, state, country, region, congressional chamber or subject matter. This will enable you to easily pinpoint and filter issues you wish to research, while allowing for deeper and more precise searches of sub-issues through multiple levels of filtering. Subscribers can then save their most-used search queries to a ‘favorites’ section for simple ‘one-click’ access, eliminating the need for you to input the same query each time they search.

No other press wire service offers this type of flexibility!