Lumos Tech. Co., Ltd. Founded in 2004, Lumos Technology Co., Ltd. was initially focused on the development of digital optical and image processing equipment, and is currently focusing on the development and application of the main product “X-Loupe Portable Microscope Camera“ series, with which users can observe extremely tiny details that can't be done by naked eyes. It enhances the ability for Micro products’ Research & Development, Design & Manufacturing, Inspection, Quality Control, Assembly, and Precision Observation…, etc.

Since founded, Lumos has stayed on top of the development of the market of digital microscope equipment and collaborated with major optical manufacturers and distributors in Taiwan and overseas. Lumos’ current major collaborators are Canon and NKS.

The global market of digital imaging continues to look promising, and many world-class companies have entered this market. Having worked hard in the domain of digital microscope photography for 6 years, Lumos has attained a sturdy foundation and competitive edge in terms of R&D, international collaboration, domestic distribution channels, and management system.


USA-US 7,327,526 B1

Buffer Structure Of Contact Type LENS and Contact Type LENS Having Buffer Structure

Nr. 20 2006 001 999.5

Digital Camera's Macro Photography Device


High Magnification Lens Module And Digital Imaging Apparatus


Pyramidal MicroLENS and Camera LENS Structure Using The Same