Porter Pictures, as a Producer's services house, specializes in the areas of; producer representation, distribution & marketing, film financing, project consultation, talent and intellectual property management, production, contract review, and music and film rights. Porter Pictures' aims to be the independent filmmaker's greatest ally by bridging the gap between access and talent, that filmmakers may focus on the great act of creation behind each film and not be distracted by the business side of film.

Jeff Porter, founder and president of Porter Pictures, has spent his tenure in Hollywood developing, and cultivating relationships with distributors, studios, and financiers. He has played a key role in the negotiating of worldwide licensing and distribution agreements for over 50+ films.

Via Porter Pictures, Jeff aims to further assist the independent filmmaker by offering a wider array of services, which are all possible due to his long standing relationships with production entities, distributors and financiers around the world, evidence of his commitment to excellence and good business practices over the years.