North America's fastest growing children's photography network, PortraitEFX specializes in photography for K-12 schools, sports leagues, daycares & preschools and churches.  

Why PortraitEFX?

PortraitEFX is re-inventing the photography business; with great new programs, innovative products and consumer-centered commitment to quality, value and service.  If you've been doing business with the same photography company for a long time, it's time to check out all the new products and services available from PortraitEFX that are not available from your current vendor.  Take a look and we'll EARN your business!

1.  First, you get personalized service from a LOCAL business that really cares about keeping you happy with great quality, value and service; and in earning your repeat business.  We're here all year-long to support you and provide exemplary Customer Service.  Need something "extra" to help support you?  Just let us know.  We're here for the long-run!  We're involved and invested in our local community.    

2.  Every PortraitEFX Franchise has received highly specialized training in high-volume photographic techniques and innovative technology which allows us to handle your Account or Event efficiently and professionally.  This training is highly proprietary and is not available to the general public, or even to other professional photographers.  Plus, as a part of the PortraitEFX National Network, we can call in additional personnel, equipment and resources to handle Events of almost any size.

3.  We feel an obligation to "give back" a portion of what we earn in the form of complimentary services and fundraising commissions / rebates to Sponsoring Groups.  With this goal in mind, we provide more profit-sharing back to Sponsors than most Competitors.  You'll earn more in terms of Fundraising rebates and commissions than ever before.  When your needs for fundraising are greatest, our exclusive "Net Pricing" Plan allows you to choose your level of rebates back to your organization.  Only PortraitEFX offers this program!    

4. We offer an exceptional picture-day experience!  No long lines of people waiting for photographs or being unsure of the process. We specialize in providing a fast and efficient photo day process that will make you look good for choosing us for your Photography needs.

5. We unconditionally guarantee our work! We want everyone to be happy with their photographs and we’ll do whatever it takes to fix a problem or offer a complete refund; and that’s a promise!     We Guarantee Our Work!

6. COMPARE AND BE CONVINCED!  When was the last time you really compared Photography providers? Even if you are currently satisfied with your current photography provider, you owe it to yourself to check out what we offer that’s different; and a lot better! Much has changed in the transition to digital photography, and there are many more options than ever before and these new products are what Consumers want.
That’s the PortraitEFX difference! You get all the “perks” of dealing with a technologically advanced photography company plus great home-town service. Isn’t it time you took a look at what PortraitEFX can do for you?