Like mVivienne Kane Portraitany other female photographers I became enthralled with photography when my own children were born and became fuelled by the desire to capture and treasure every precious moment. My children are now 11 and 8 years old so I’ve had quite a bit of personal experience. But before children I had worked in marketing for 14 years and progressed in that time from dogsbody to director and I really know a thing or two about providing an excellent service and meeting deadlines. I also appreciate the value of training, so in 2005 went back into education so that I would have formal qualifications as well as experience. With my love of photography came my love and appreciation of photography as an art form and that’s how I feel about creating family portraits, the family portraits we hang on our walls are often the most personal and beautiful pieces of art we’ll probably ever own. I see it as my job to delight you and make you smile every time you look at the portraits I create for you.