I started Posh by Courtney believing that you shouldn't need to pay a stylist to look pretty.  If you have the money to spend on such things, go for it.  But let's face it, the majority of people do not.  Finding timeless, classic styles can be just as difficult as finding them in your size, and the accessories to match.  Posh by Courtney is meant to be used as a wardrobe in a sense, providing the shopper with not only the perfect dress for her particular ocassion, but the proper jewelry to match.  

The dresses that are showcased are appropriate for the current fashion season, and once added to your wardrobe can be used as a staple piece that has the quality to last a lifetime and the style to match.  I try to carry most if not all styles in sizes small through extra large, and the colors that are chosen represent not only what is hot and on trend but what tends to look best on all women in that particular style.

All women inherently know what they like.  Finding the look that fits into your personal style can be daunting.  That's why I decided to carry simple dresses, slightly more elegant dresses, dresses that can be worn from day through evening, as well as dresses that are appropriate for work, church, or events where your appearance must fit a certain dress code.

I started modeling at a young age where I developed a passion for dress up.  It's no fun leaving all childish things behind!  Have fun as you browse through the boutique, the possibilities are endless.~ Courtney