Positive Life Network is a clearinghouse for all things positive. Creating the largest platform for the World to band together to ignite the flame for positive change and helping to make differences in the way we experience our lives.

Mission:    In everything we do we strive to improve the lives of ourselves, those around us, our community, and the world at large.

Description:   Our main goal is to enrich the lives of others, by providing the vehicles for continued growth and everyday success on a personal level and as a society. We believe in unleashing the untapped potential in all aspects of life and lifting the spirits in ourselves, our community and the world.


Positive Life Network operates on three main principles:
 Connect, Learn and Contribute.

Positive Life Network, connects you with people who are setting goals, chasing dreams and have a strong desire to help others. In addition to online sharing through interactive social media and web based events, our members come together in smaller group settings and community events to exchange ideas, inspire each other and to take action towards success.

We believe that continual education and personal development is the fastest path to success. Positive Life Network provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in experiential learning programs, workshops and fun events. You will always have access to online content and resources through robust self-paced e-learning programs and digital events. Positive Life Network recognizes that everyone learns differently so our curriculum is delivered in many ways. Your path to success is your choice.

For our members with a message to share, Positive Life Network ~ Speaker’s Platforms offer unique opportunities to speak locally, nationally and around the world. We host an array of in-house options and programs to choose from for those who are writing a book or looking to publish other media products. There is power in words and messages.  We want to help our members exercise that power.

Positive Life Foundation allows our members to express their passion in helping others through creative life-changing activities. By joining with the millions of positive people around the globe your efforts are magnified and incredibly effective. Positive Life Foundation helps provide the resources to make these connections happen.
Providing scholarships, tools, resources and funding goes a long way
towards supporting those passions.

We are Positive Life Network. Together, we can change lives. We invite you to connect, learn and contribute today!