Possibilities Publishing Company is a small, independent publishing house. We live in the dynamic space right next to traditional publishing where we believe anything is possible.

We seek to discover new voices or familiar voices trying new things and provide a platform to bring their work to the world. Our values are simple.

Innovation. “Because that’s how it’s always been done” or “that’s just the way it works” are not acceptable responses from PPCo team members. Instead, we ask: “Where can we innovate?” “Is there room for creativity?” “How can we create a new path around this obstacle to our goal?” We do also value tradition though, and when “the way it’s always been done” is ultimately revealed to be the best answer, we embrace it.
Family. PPCo started as a family adventure and has kept that spirit. Our authors and the people who work to make PPCo successful are truly a team. Input is always welcome on any subject, and decisions are made collaboratively. As an evolution of our commitment to collaboration we’ve developed a partnership publishing model, which codifies our commitment to, and expectations of, our authors.
Quality. In today’s literary market, small and indie publishing companies face an uphill battle for legitimacy, and the line is often drawn over the quality of the product. PPCo is committed to producing only the highest-quality books to challenge the notion that “small” and “indie” are disclaimers rather than accolades.