What is great about PostMobileAds.com is that it exposes where to find "Mobile Optimized" products with "Mobile Optimized Offer Pages" ready to promote on cell phones.  Not only does the sole idea of this new Mobile Marketing industry with its astonishing number of cell phone users surpassing by three fold the number of internet PC users is exciting already, but I have yet to find a product that gives buyers direct information on where to find hundreds of offers and products that can be purchased and delivered over a cell phone.  I have found several products on Clickbank that claim they will teach you how to promote on cell phones, but they all recommend to promote offers from Clickbank, which are NOT WAP pages or mobile optimized pages.  Most of Clickbank offers are hard to read on a cell phone screen, they are not easy to purchase over a cell phone, and most of them are not easily deliverable over a cell phone either.

PostMobileAds.com will give you the complete information on where to find hundreds of existing mobile optimized products with mobile optimized offer pages or landing pages ready to promote, sell, and deliver over a cell phone.  And where to promote these offers by having access to billions of cell phones around the world.