Postgreen Homes is a boutique real estate development firm focusing on modern, green and attainable homes and mixed-use buildings in Philadelphia's urban neighborhoods.

The 100K House project was the first project built by Postgreen Homes in 2009. It was a case study to prove that green and LEED homes could be built affordably if designed properly from the beginning. Along with the architects, Interface Studio Architects, the project won LEED Platinum, LEED for Homes Project of the Year 2010, and local, state and national AIA awards. This first project solidified Postgreen Homes as an innovative development firm not only in Philadelphia but across the country.

Postgreen Homes went on to explore and implement super insulated building techniques modeled after the German Passive House technique that included SIPs and 12" thick double stud walls with triple pane windows from Canada. They continue to push the boundaries of affordable, extreme energy efficient construction in reasonably priced market rate speculative housing in the US.

Postgreen Homes has earned multiple LEED Platinum for Home certificates on their projects since the 100K House and has a mission to continually improve their homes. A key part of their business model is building the highest quality homes with the most innovation their budgets can allow while delivering to buyers within the 60% - 110% of Area Median Income in Philadelphia. This is the price range of dwellings that has continued to move relatively quickly, even in the down economy of the past few years. There was also a huge market gap in this price range for homes of high quality construction with a high end design and energy efficiency.

As Postgreen Homes matures, they are looking to more mixed-use development along Philadelphia's many re-emerging commercial corridors. They have a strong interest in urban planning and are seeking out locations and that unique properties can be developed to positively contribute to the re-development of some of Philly's key neighborhoods just outside of Center City. These projects include office, retail and restaurant spaces below residential apartments or condos.

Some of the key neighborhoods that Postgreen Homes is focusing on are Fishtown, Kensington (Olde, South, East...), Francisville and Newbold in South Philadelphia. They plan to continue focusing on emerging neighborhoods that are well connected to Center City by public transportation and contain a healthy mix of new and old residents.

Postgreen Homes has made a goal of working with small and local architecture firms of a higher than average caliber that specialize in modern or contemporary architecture. Some of the firms they have worked with to date include Interface Studio Architects, DIGSAU, Studio Bryan Hanes Orange Concepts and Manifest AD.