Potteryart.ro is a Romanian online ethnic store, brought to life by Expert Suppliers Ltd., committed to the talented artisans and master craftsmen who have helped shape our products, to meet the needs of our wonderful customers, and to the preservation and continuation of the heritage and quality of Romanian handmade crafts.

The very first brick of our website was put down in a beautiful Sunday afternoon in early February 2011. Putting together our passion for handicrafts, our dedication for old but valuable things, we suddenly became aware of the unknown beauty of our culture and we decided to spread it throughout the world.

Our main focus is showing you that the Romanian culture is a unique one being the result of a particular geography combined with a distinct historical evolution. In our concept, we set out to make potteryart.ro, Romania’s cultural signature for its core authentic values and products.

Traditional folk arts include wood carving, ceramics, weaving and embroidery of costumes, household decorations, dance, and richly varied folk music.

Potteryart.ro is the place where you will discover and learn about Romania’s beautiful traditions from archaic master craftsmen and traditional art workers, all set out to keep alive Romania’s values and pass them on from generation to generation.