What is Lightning ?
“An Electric discharge between Cloud to Cloud or Cloud to Earth Containing an average charge of 30 to 50 lakhs Volts and a current of 30 Kilo amperes with a speed of 220 km per hour.” Lightning is a hugh spark & takes place when clouds are charged to such a high potential with respect to earth or a neighbouring cloud that the dielectric strength of neighbouring medium is destroyed.

Effect of Lightning.
1. Lightning surges will shatter the insulators & may even wreck poles.
2. When it will occour in power lin then set up very disturbing oscillations & damaged other equipment connected to the line.
3. Globally 44,000 thunderstorms/day and 100 lightning strokes /sec.
4. Duration of one stroke of lightning, 1/5 th of second.
5. Voltages 1,00,000 kV and peak current 30 kA.
6. Total energy released 40 GJ.
7. Temperatures rises 50,000 degrees Celsius.
8. Lightning strokes ranges from 100 m – 8 km length.
9. Lightning can travel at speeds of 60,000 m/sec.
10. Lightning heats nearby air to about 10,000 °C.