PowerFolder is your secure, fast and reliable, sync, share, access and backup tool. It exchanges your data encrypted and direct between your computers, online and in LAN.
PowerFolder also offers various solutions for Backup Service Providers or companies who wish to run an inhouse data exchange system with, or without an central server. PowerFolder is your private cloud system which means you can have all the benefits of a data cloud, but you dont have the risk since all the data can be stored and exchanged between your own computers, online in LAN or in a completely closed VPN. For industrial highspeed connections PowerFolder can be turned to  a special udt mode which can be configured to use the optimum of your gbit connection. Of course Powerfolder encrypts all data transfer.  For the case  you wish to integrate, it into existing systems powerfolder can be integrated by your own scripts so the exchanged data is going from PowerFolder directly to your own  applications.