Is there anyone out there that doesn't use elctricity or natural gas ? How would you like to earn residual income by helping others save money on their energy bills? When was the last time you've seen an opportunity where you didn't have to sell anything to your customer base, but rather just offer to provide something that they were already purchasing and offer to do it for less ?
The deregulation of energy is happening now and Ambit Energy is already one of the fastest growing companies in our history. Consumers now have a choice on who they want to be their energy provider. The largest industry in the history of the U.S is telling it's consumers to switch to another provider if they want to save money. Ambit Energy offers these savings and they gaurantee it.
The opportunity to be at the right place at the right time to earn residual income from energy bills will never happen again. What started out in Texas' huge electricity market as a great success, has spread to New York's electricity and natural gas markets and natural gas in Illinois. At least 16 other states have or are in the process of deregulation and those who share the vision of this company's future are well positioned to profit handsomely in the years to come.
Here's a chance for those to allign themselves with Ambit Energy, whose mission is to be the leading energy supplier in the U.S., at a moment in history that will never happen again..
Ambit Energy provides the best total package of any other provider.. Free travel rewards program. Free weekend stays. Discounted cruises, and resort packages. Ambit Energy is the only energy provider that offers a Free Energy Program. Customers can reduce or completely eliminate their energy bils by referring 15 customers to switch through their free website.
Consultants can earn residual income by gathering a few customers, and then showing a few others to do the same.
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