PowerQuick Inc manufactures and distributes the PowerQuick Powered ascender personal climber and associated safety equipment.

The man-rated ascender operates like a personal elevatorallowing personnel to work at heights or below grade for confined entry with greater safety and less fatigue. This reduces chances of injury or death from accidental falls and extends the climbing career of dedicated rope access professionals. PowerQuick uses the same standard rigging and equipment as manual climbing. PowerQuick is much more cost effective than erecting scaffolding or staging cranes for many jobs. Some of our customers consider their PowerQuick their  "competitive edge" when it comes to winning cost-based contracts.

The PowerQuick ascender was developed under a US military contract to provide safe, stealthy access to multi-story building for urban warfare operations.
Commercial versions of our ascender are available for a variety of applications including wind turbines and towers, construction, and explosive atmospheres.

PowerQuick is the only ascender on the market that meets the new ANSI Z359, CE and other international safety standards.