Powerhouse Entertainment Group recognizes that A & R is a lost art and many talented artists are left with no avenues to successfully pursue their career.  Furthermore, fans of great music often lose the opportunity to hear new music because major labels often play it safe by promoting music that sounds very similar to songs already on the charts.  

An artist’s creativity needs to be nurtured while a viable business plan is formed so the artist’s career can be sustained.  With the digital age in full swing, the artist’s team must be creative, ethical and motivated.  The major label contract, with all of the 360 deals popping up, is no longer a winning move; labels are looking for bigger pieces of the entire pie and often shelving projects, abandoning the most creative work, and burying emerging artists under their roster of “sure things.”

Powerhouse Entertainment Group takes an innovative approach to launching and sustaining the career of emerging artists.  Powerhouse understands that with the rapidly changing entertainment industry and current market conditions we must develop creative strategies for all elements of an artist’s career in order to develop multiple streams of revenue.  Powerhouse operates with the highest level of integrity and helps artists navigate the uncertain terrain of the entertainment industry ensuring that all service providers we partner with operate with the same standard.  With this standard, Powerhouse continuously develops relationships within the industry so that the artist has numerous resources available as we move forward and attain success for every aspect of an artist’s career. Our mission is to always pave a clear path to your success!

Powerhouse Entertainment Group provides project management and consultation services in the following areas:

•     Artist Development
•     Production
•     Branding
•     Marketing
•     Public Relations
•     Social Networking
•     Sponsorships
•     Airplay
•     Touring & Live Performance
•     Merchandise
•     Distribution
•     Publishing