Get Signed to a Major Record Label , Virtually.

Powerplug Connex has recently opened its doors to artists all over the world, who hunger and thirst for a shot at getting signed to a major record label. In the history of music-business solutions, Never before has it been made possible to provide true to form major record label "shopping" experiences through virtual media. Powerplug Connex allows artists to creatively and intimately socialize with major label A&Rs, Directors, and CEOs over live phone conference and video streaming software. Our company offers the high-end luxury of selling your artist brand to music industry elites, from the comfort of your home. We have gathered heavyweights from over 150 labels to listen to, analyze and discuss , the music portfolios of our artist clients, and overall decide on whether or not, they qualify for a major recording or distribution contract.

Be Your Own Music Manager and Build Connections. It Starts with Us.

Taking over the reigns of your career has Never been so liberating and possible. With Powerplug Connex, you are given the resources to package and present yourself as an artist, to the major record labels. Site functionalities like the virtual toolbox- which allows you to assemble your own Brand Portfolio- ensures that you have all components required by the major record labels to review your music and make a collaborative business decision. A team of Powerpluggers are readily available should you need assistance with any part of your record label shopping experience. In totality, there is no longer a need for third-party managers to get your music into the right hands. You can now become your own music manager to pitch, present and shop your music to the major labels while building your own executive rolodex along the way.