Practical Wealth Management (PWM) have a national network of specialist advisors, with both legal and financial backgrounds, who specialise in giving families advice and guidance on how best to protect the property and/ or assets they've accumulated over the years. We do not charge for our advice and we prefer to see our clients in the comfort of their own home, at a time to suit them, when family can be present.

Our experienced advisors carry photographic identification and will certainly not outstay their welcome. Their aim is to impartially guide you through, in easy to understand terms, how to preserve and protect your property and/ or assets for your loved ones in the future. Sadly we see many cases where a families' wealth has been needlessly eaten away by governmental fees, taxation and/ or unexpected future costs.

With our help you can ensure all you've worked hard for isn't eroded away by such things as Inheritance Tax, high probate fees, government fees/ charges and even in some cases care-fees. We have an array of bespoke, specialist products that will afford you and your family ongoing protection and with careful care, consideration and planning you can ensure you legacy is properly protected for generations to come.

Book your free, without obligation, home consultation today and see how PWM can save you.