PrairieSmarts, a new entrant into the digital solutions provider space, unveils three product offerings to change the way we talk about portfolio risk: SmartRisk Pro, SmartRisk Enterprise and SmartRisk Applied.

SMARTRISK Pro was specifically designed for RIAs, and it’s unlike any other web-based risk platform out there. We’ve created the most accurate and transparent one-page report that allows you to quickly and openly estimate your clients’ risk. Not in vague terms, but in dollars. The way it should be. No blurred lines. No confusion. Just real, honest numbers. On a single page.

a.Transparency: With each SmartRisk Pro report, your clients will have full transparency when it comes to their risk, which means they can trust you. More trust leads to happy clients, and happy clients leads to more clients.

b. Flexibility: Our platform allows you to play what-if scenarios with account positions so you can align your client’s risk tolerance with their actual risk. This allows your clients to see exactly how these numbers relate to them, making them more confident with their investment. And you.

c. Simplicity: There’s no need to fear the discussion of risk anymore. Our concise one-page report enables you to analyze, present and communicate portfolio risk to your client in as little as five minutes, and will help your clients understand every facet of their risk.

SMARTRISK  Enterprise empowers your company with the finest risk calculations around, period. But here are just a few more reasons why it’s better than other risk platforms.

a. Customizable: You like what you see but need something a little different? Challenge accepted. Higher speeds, real-time risk information, data from different markets, etc. We get it done to your specifications.

b. Easy: The service we provide our Enterprise clients allows for smooth integration with our API, so you get to keep control of your UX/UI.

c. Cost Effective: Because Enterprise integrates with your current solution, you get access to the most accurate risk calculator, without the cost of an entirely new platform.

SMARTRISK Applied - Risk is a prevalent topic in the industry. From regulatory changes, to changing clients’ needs and market conditions, there never seems to be a moment of rest. Whether you need help catching-up, or have a vision for something revolutionary, we’d love to be involved and help you deliver.

Let us take on the heavy lifting. Give us a call and let’s discuss a solution custom made for you.