Scott Bailey and Patricia Bessa founded Prana Mudra Center in New Jersey in 2017 as
a travel yoga workshop company focused on hosting group yoga, sound journey events and yoga retreats with massage and offering holistic health guidance. Being both avid adventure travelers, they continuously scouted beautiful locations and natural sites that provided them with inspiration and felt energetically strong. 'PRANA 'is Life Force Energy and Breath of Yoga 'MUDRA' is a gesture" that activates the flow of energy. Prana Mudra activates the Root Chakra. When this chakra is balanced we feel secure and grounded.
It can often be blocked by worrying too much and letting anxiety and stress of life take over. In 2020 and during a trip to the Florida Emerald Coast, they felt a strong connection to the Destin area and relocated that same year. After a year of teaching yoga in studios and offering massage at local spas, Prana Mudra Center HOT YOGA STUDIO & MASSAGE opened their doors on the 211 Main Street, in Destin July 17 2021.

The Prana Mudra team has hosted over 4000 classes, events and multidiscipline workshops across the US and internationally at yoga studios, Ashrams, wellness centers , hospitals, parks and private events.
Enter a boutique studio full of positive vibes and energetic colors, a space to totally de-stress holistically, relearn the truth of who you are, realign your emotional body with the physical body while accessing a variety of superior curated yoga classes, therapeutic massage and other services as well as workshops designed to explore new mindful paths.
Prana Mudra is committed to bringing inspiring events and the most talented healers to the area.
Practice stagnation can be discouraging and Scott plus his teachers can really show you how achieve new levels and overcome challenges.

Even if you just  begining a new practice, you can be rewarded with learning yoga on solid grounds.
Discover  a variety of hot yoga classes that keep you engaged and excelling in your practice.
Classic Hot 26 & 2 and Hot Vinyasa, Hot Power Flow and Yoga Sculpt.
 Private Yoga Instruction, Sound Journey sessions and Instruction,
Therapeutic Massage, Wellness Workshops and Yoga Retreats.

FLORIDA : Daily Classes at Dragonfly Studio, ; Roasted Yoga; Navarre Beach Yoga
NEW JERSEY : Daily Classes  Hot and Soul Yoga
- YMCA Red Bank, EC Power Yoga Studio
NEW YORK : Sacred Sound Journey , Ananda Aashram, NY
WORKSHOPS :Weekly Full Moon Activation Kundalini Series with Brianne at HSY
, Full Moon Series with Missy, Meditation for Golfers at Freneau Park Series,
"Wellness Days with Gongs and Massage" at the Meridian Hackensack Hospitals Bayshore
Sacred Sound Journey at EvenFlow Yoga, Benefit Sound Journey Open Heart Yoga
Yoga for Cancer Healing Circle Series at Hot and Soul Yoga  plus monthly Sound Baths
30A Wellness Retreat Day with Dj Yogi, among others
Daily Vinyasa Flow Classes ( 15 days work) , Hotel Yoga Shala Tulum Mex
Daily Group Hot Yoga Classes
Private Yoga Instruction
Sound Journey Meditation
Therapeutic Massage
Workshops & Special Events
Day and Week Retreats