Flicknexs is a SaaS-Based Video Platform Provider that delivers video streaming services to all devices. It helps in seamlessly launching VOD, Live streaming and OTT Platforms designed according to users needs. White-label video platform where video creators brand and logo are given importance. Flicknexs is a platform for publishing, managing and distributing video content It provides 100+ features such as analytics, video monetization options such as AVOD, SVOD and TVOD
Flicknexs is a video streaming platform provider that builds independent video streaming platforms for publishers and video creators. It seamlessly launches a video platform where video creators make money through different monetization methods. Flickenxs comes up with powerful technologies that make video content reach more people at the right time. It supports three other monetization models: Subscription-based, pay per view method and ad placement method. There is no commission or interest rate for the video platform provider, and generated revenue is solely for video creators. Advanced security features like DRM protect video content from any form of third party attacks.

It builds both websites and applications that are accessible on mobile, desktops, laptops and TV. All types of video creators can use it, from beginners to professionals. It suits the business of any sector as it is built according to any business needs. Flicknexs is a safe, secure and reliable platform. It also comes up with customisation tools and templates to customise video players according to user wishes. You can live stream high-quality video content to your users along with interactive options like live chat and Q&A sessions. It helps in building an audio streaming platform according to various industries' needs.