Preactor is a range of advanced planning and scheduling software for manufacturers and is part of the Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) product portfolio. Preactor links to, adds value and extends many ERP and MES systems to help companies become leaner, offering additional detailed scheduling functionality that most ERP systems don’t have. Preactor’s technology is used by small, medium and large multinational companies around the world.
Preactor has established partnerships with companies located around the world to provide local expertise to support the implementation of the solution for each company. These accredited professionals work closely with customers to ensure each company’s unique requirements are met.

The current trends in manufacturing are towards lowering inventory levels to reduce costs, yet still being able to respond to shorter lead times to satisfy customer demand. Preactor provides the tools that modern businesses need in order to react efficiently to unexpected changes in demand and capacity. Preactor offers a family of applications ranging from mid- and long-term capacity planning to detailed scheduling and is translated into over 30 languages.