Premium Link Exchange is a free matchmaking service for website owners, bloggers, and social media-active people that makes back link building efficient and easy. The online service gathers data from site owners and social media-active people willing to exchange links, then shares it via a weekly email.  Those interested in an exchange can contact others in the listings and make arrangements to mutually blog, tweet, post, pin, or email about one another – or place links to each others’ sites on their web pages. The result is that “quality” back links are created – meaning links exchanged between real people who operate sites or social media accounts that are relevant to one another.

Website owners and social media-active people can sign up to receive weekly link exchange offers at http://premiumlinkexchange.com/become-a-member/, and can submit link exchange listings of their own at  http://premiumlinkexchange.com/submit-a-listing/. Both services are free, and listings may be submitted as often as desired.

The developer of this service is Ann Voorhees Baker, a social media marketing specialist and principal of Net Marketing-123, http://netmarketing-123.com.