Throughout your lives how many times have you been reminded about the benefits drinking water can contribute to your overall health? Water improves digestion, energizes your muscles and keeps your skin looking great! Yet when thirsty or sluggish individuals often find themselves reaching for a sugary alternative, when they should be drinking water. Most people understand the benefits water offers and find themselves reminding family and friends to put down the juice or soda and drink water. So why do people choose to reach for an unhealthy beverage over drinking what they know is best for their bodies? Taste

This is why Pressa Inc. has created Pressa Bottle. Pressa Bottle is the only water bottle that enables the user of the product to press real fruit juice into their water, throughout the day. Creating a desire to consume more water and less of the unhealthy beverages that only add unwanted calories to their diet.

Pressa bottle is simple and it’s fun to use. At the beginning of your day simply load the bottle with your favourite fruit, fasten the lid, and head out the door to start your day. When you have worked up a thirst simply turn the dial located on top of the Pressa Bottle and the patent pending press crushes the fruit inside the bottle juicing it into your water. Pressa Bottle creates what Pressa Inc. likes to call pressed water and creates a healthy, flavour packed water, second to none.