PrestigioPlaza.com is an international computer and gadget online shop offering a convenient and secure e-shopping for only the finest goods and services. Our product portfolio encompasses affordable luxury IT-related products and electronic devices to consumers and small businesses in 47 countries. PrestigioPlaza.com belongs to and managed by Prestigio Plaza Ltd, a Cyprus based company, a part of Prestigio group.

PrestigioPlaza.com is now mainly oriented on Prestigio products that offer an exclusive combination of elegance, sophistication, high product quality, advanced technology and state-of-the-art design to those who enjoy a contemporary lifestyle. Its product range includes gadgets such as Android tablets, eBook readers, GPS navigators and car video recorders; data storage such as external hard drives and USB flash drives; desktop PCs for home, office, gamers and slim nettop computers; as well as peripherals like keyboards, mouse, webcams, headsets and speakers; and accessories like tablet sleeves, gadget mounts, mac and notebook bags, iphone, ipod and ipad cases and docking stations and more.

PrestigioPlaza.com also provides complimentary solutions for its products such as ebooks downloads, firmware and maps upgrade,software solutions for home and business as well as customer services such as online LifeChat support, order tracking and after sale service.