PRIMARIA Premium Raw Materials S.L. is a second to none provider of premium natural raw materials for the human food, animal feed and cosmetic industry. We are specialized in Chia seed and Chia by-products. We are developing other natural products that will expand our array of products. We provide the best compromise between quality, cost, speed and reliability.

The target groups of PRIMARIA are those customers for which the standard service, quality and cost of the products of the common supplier is not sufficient. We look to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible reliability, quality and cost effective customer service. We deliver worldwide.

Product list:

- TriOleum SFE. Supercritical Fliud Extracted Chia Oil.
- TriOleum. Cold pressed Chia Oil.
- Premium Chia Organic. CE Organic certified Chia seed.
- Premium Chia. Conventional Chia seed.
- Whole Chia Seed (animal grade).
- PCF. Cryomilled Chia seed.