In the mid 50s when Detroit was king and muscle cars ruled the highways, Rod Hunter, owner of PrimeTime, would hang out his cousin’s import dealership in Pittsburgh, and just being around the family and the people in the car business gave him a big head start for his future career.

Rod spent 16 successful years as a morning radio personality. And in the mid 70’s was honored as the #1 disc jockey in the nation by Billboard magazine.

After working directly with auto dealerships for so many years, speaking at advertising seminars for dealer groups across the country was a natural progression.  In 1982 PrimeTime Advertising was born, with one account- La Mesa RV Center, San Diego, California.  Thirty two years later, La Mesa RV is still with PrimeTime Media Group.  They’re now the world’s largest Winnebago Industries dealer, and one of the biggest RV sales companies in the nation, with 13 stores in 10 states.

One of PrimeTime’s first automotive accounts was Jack Harrison Buick in San Diego. With PrimeTime’s expertise, Jack Harrison quickly became a household word with the slogan “JACK, WHAT A GUY!”  That slogan became so popular, when Jack died in the mid nineties, the San Diego Union Tribune closed the front page article with “JACK, WHAT A GUY.”

Over the next several years PrimeTime was awarded national spokesman roles with Rod Hunter as talent for Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Yamaha, NFL,HBO and Showtime.

The logical next step was to take all the advertising experience gained over the years and bring it to businesses nationwide. Today, Primetime Media Group is a powerhouse advertising agency for stores nationwide with on staff media buying experts, digital marketers and traditional direct marketing pros. All aspects of the advertising business are under the PrimeTime umbrella. Social media, mobile app developers, event coordinators, an RV division, in house TV, radio and infomercial production, smart market research & media buyers/ planners. PrimeTime Media Group is keeping up with the curve and delivering what clients demand, .. RESULTS.