There are important differences between inbound marketing and traditional marketing.

Traditional methods of advertising and marketing are not as effective as they once were, yet they cost more than ever. Traditional marketing relies on interrupting a buyer, but people have become savvy at avoiding these interruptions. They skip commercials with DVRs and satellite radio, toss direct mail without a second look and have better spam filters and web ad blockers. All of that makes it hard to get their attention.

Inbound marketing takes a different approach. It starts by identifying unique buyer personas and creating custom content to attract, convert and retain them. The company website, email campaigns, social media presence, blog, proactive media relations, calls-to-action and other content (resource guides, videos, direct mail campaigns, paid search or other tactics) are all targeted and work in concert to give people more of what they want. When done well, inbound helps identify leads, move buyers through the sales process and create a tremendous amount of loyalty.

We primarily focus on connecting our clients to other businesses and use HubSpot as our inbound marketing software engine. We are a HubSpot Certified Partner and there are several case studies demonstrating HubSpot successes.  Primum’s Inbound ASAP blog has some additional background on our approach.