Prince Ambassador is ais a life coach, self-help motovational speaker, mentor in the field of self-help, self-improvement and Human Development as well as wealth Accumulation. He is also the founder and Co-Chairman of Unlocking Wealth International Network (UWIN) for the development and spiritual advancement of Humanity. Prince is a Universal force in the field of human development and he is committed to carrying this Universal truth around the world to empower the totality of the human family. Prince has amerced himself in studying self-help, self-improvement and genuine wealth systems for nearly two-decades, accumulating a vast array of knowledge, truth, self-Help, self-improvement, wealth and human evolution qualifying him as a life coach. Prince life coaching inspires people to utilize their natural abilities, potentials, and talents by knowing and acting upon "Truth" to accumulate good-health, vast wealth and great prosperity.  (see: Amazon Reviews)

Prince Ambassador enjoys speaking, teaching and electrify audiences at events, seminars, panels, workshops specifically on the topics of Human Development, self-help, self-improvement and "The Law of Action." Additionally, his life coaching technique is transformational, distinctive and life changing. Prince is available for radio and television interviews.