Print Tracker is the simplest, smartest direct-to-dealer software solution for total enterprise document tracking, analizing, solution-generation and management.

Recent economic conditions have caused many businesses to pause and evaluate their printing and device monitoring practices.  

According to estimates by Gartner Group, businesses spend between 1 and 3%(1) of their total yearly revenue generating documents. At the same time companies dramatically underestimate their total print expenses and needs. Many businesses fail to implement measurable cost controls, making this problem worse.

By managing print requirements effectively, businesses can save up to 30%(2) on in-house printing costs.

Print Tracker offers help!  

Print Tracker can be used in any environment … is PCI compliant for retail, financial, insurance, and banking aplication, HIPAA compliant for use in hospitals and clinics, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant for use in government / legal instutions.  

Print Tracker is easily deployed: Download from the web, by USB key or via command-line instruction – and capturing information from locally connected devices is not a challenge.

Print Tracker is very secure.    Print Tracker is a complete, self-contained software package, and does not expose users to  security challenges.  Print Tracker is also the only collection software that is SNMPv3 compliant.

Device status and meter data is viewable from a web browser or smart phone.

The optional Print Tracker Admin allows access to report generation tools and a fully-customizable TCO Estimator for cost per page calculations.  

“The PrintTracker staff has been very helpful in assisting with our managed print program.  All of the PrintTracker team have been super responsive and quick with great suggestions and solutions.”
– Stacey W.
Networking Technologies

For a personal one-on-one breakdown of how Print Tracker can work for you, please contact me at bdawson@PrintTracker.net or call (866) 629-3342 x7 today.

(1) Source: Gartner, "Reducing Paper Consumption Will Drive Down Costs and Improve Workflows", Malcolm John Hancock, 22 December 2008
(2) "Actively managing office printing can lead to a reduction of 10% to 30% in recurring spending on document output." – Gartner, "Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing", Sharon McNee, Ken Weilerstein, 22 Feb 2008