Prism Clinical Imaging® provides physicians with breakthrough FDA-cleared imaging software tools for diagnosis and treatment planning in tumors, epilepsy and other neurological disorders of the brain and spinal column. Acquire, process and view fMRI, DTI/tractgraphy, MR spectroscopy, ASL and DSC perfusion MR and other modalities.

Prism integrates anatomical, functional and physiological images for practical use in the general clinical workflow. Images acquired from multiple modalities are registered and presented in “decks” for clinical interpretation. Results can be exported to PACS and a variety of surgical navigation and RT planning systems. Processing is available on a per-case basis through Prism Serve®, the unique advanced imaging service.

Prism Acquire® - Training and administration of task functional MRI (fMRI) tests during MRI scan acquisition.

Prism Process® / Prism Serve® - Post-processing of advanced imaging studies, with automatic spatial registration combining studies performed in different sessions and scanners.

Prism View® - Clinical visualization and quantitation of neuroimaging data for diagnosis and treatment planning. Extensive DICOM export capabilities for PACs documentation and use in surgical navigation and radiation treatment planning.

Prism - Clinical Value You Can See®.