Hire Education is a tutoring company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide tutors across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

Our founder, Rory Brachner, started tutoring whilst studying way back in 2001. "I was always good at maths, but even better at explaining it" Rory was so good at tutoring that he got far more requests than he could possibly service himself. That's when the penny dropped. "I've got more learners than I can handle... why not find and train others to do the same thing I'm doing?". Rory, by that time, a 2nd year student, hired a fellow student as his first tutor in 2001. By the time he qualified and left university at the end of 2002 (to work for a listed technology company) he had 10 students working for him as tutors. He registered Hire Education in 2003 and we now have over 250 tutors across South Africa. Rory, with the help of an amazing team, has managed to spread and expand our tutoring philosophy and brand across the country.

Essentially, Hire Education takes the rich resource of bright young university students (with a natural teaching and mentoring ability) and connects them to school learners in need of assistance.

The rapid growth and continued success of Hire Education is testament to the huge need for a service like ours - providing individual attention and mentoring in the form of tutoring.