PrizmSpace launched with their groundbreaking product, PrizmEyez light diffraction glasses, in 2009.  Since then, these highest-quality shades have become a global phenomenon, sold in over a dozen countries and represented at some of the largest electronic dance music festivals worldwide.  

From there, PrizmSpace grew to include a variety of other incredible, unique, high-quality products that are fun for everyday excitement, and are wonderful to share in creative social environments like music festivals and parties.

Visit PrizmSpace.com to check out our products, like PrizmEyez rainbow diffraction glasses, the Infinity Galaxy Ring (lightup), our SuperNova Space Hat, Kaleidoscope Glasses, Toroflux Flow Toy, and more.

We look forward to working with more independent designers to bring you the best selection of holographic, outta-this-world products that can't be found anywhere else.

-Carolyn Prizm, CEO (PrizmSpace.com)