Pro Players Live Inc. is a web based sports video training and student athlete marketing company.  We offer a one stop location for student athletes to take control of the training in their sport, and offer the ability to communicate their talents, in both text and video, to college recruiters, family and friends.  We have partnered with Professional Athletes to develop quality training videos for student athletes to subscribe and use to enhance their skills.  We offer the following for our subscribers:

Players Locker:  A single source location where athlete personal information, training information, training videos, highlight video of the athletes abilities, and statistics tables on their sports for multiple years showing their improvement over time.

Highlight Video:  With our partnership with Flickos Video services, we offer the student athlete a strong opportunity to compile up to 25 individual 15-20 second clips of their performance on  the field, and compile these into a single 4 - 5 minute highlight video that can be shared with anyone.  No longer does the student athlete have to use CDs and depend on mail.

Training Videos:  We offer the ability for thestudent athlete to subscribe to various 25-30 minute training videos on their specific position in a given sport.  We are partnering with some of today's most prominent athletes in each sport, to provide additional quality training that is envisioned to add to the training regimen already undertaken by the athlete.

Live Classes:  We offer both live one on one, or live clinic classes where professional athletes will engage with the student athlete.  In our one on one classes, we offer the opportunity for the student athlete to engage with a professional athlete and have their highlight video, or other video reviewed, assessed and that assessment is communicated in a one on one session with the athlete.  W also offer live clinic classes where we take the worry of travel, lodging out of the equation.  Both of these opportunities are easily accessible right from the athlete's computer in their home.