The Pro Services Realtor team understands what's important to our investor clientele, we want to make owning rental property a profitable & rewarding experience before, during and after each transaction.

Part of our job is to keep you updated on what's happening in the market, especially on your property's estimated value vs. cash flow, but also on reminding you of items that you need to think about periodically to keep things going smoothly. That's where Shah's previous years of experience as a property manager can really make a difference.

While our primary focus is helping doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPAs & others in the professional services industry buy and sell investment property in the Southern California area, we can to help real estate investors of all types from all backgrounds succeed.

Where do you want to be in the years to come?  Let me know and my team & I can help get you there!

To reach me directly, Call (818) 850-9289 or by email at Shah.Mundell@Outlook.com