Founded in 2006 in California and the Philippines with the goal of improving organizations’ process economics through wage arbitrage, PvG Global has evolved into a trusted resource for small to medium enterprises, enabling access to new sources of talent and business process transformation.

PvG continues to work to reduce clients’ operating costs and capital expenditures through the implementation of a dual-shore service delivery strategy without the cost and risk of building their own captive operations offshore.

PvG’s HR benefits administration clients are all exclusively based in the U.S. operating in the third party administration, employee benefits consulting and health care industries.
PvG’s space design and office furniture specification clients are large U.S.-based office space furniture dealers.

PvG’s clients are invoiced in U.S. currency; avoid dealing with a foreign (offshore) service agreement, enjoy the benefits of lower transactional costs, increase in quality outcomes and access to great talent.