The Pro Write Solutions team is passionate about your bid or proposal whether it be in the management of the entire submission process, editing and quality assurance, or in the training your internal proposal personnel. Pro Write has a robust network of proposal-writing professionals that can be engaged should it be required.

We provide a range of proposal consulting services to organizations bidding on federal, provincial, municipal, and private contracts of any size, scope, and complexity. Regardless of the size, complexity, or duration of your bid document, We provide the “Pro” for the success of your proposal.

Scale-able Full-Service Packages
RFP Summary and Analysis: Each Request for Proposal (RFP) is summarized  to provides a clear, concise, user-friendly summary of the administrative, technical, and proposal document requirements, as defined by the contracting authority. This assists with the bid/no bid decision-making process.

Internal Proposal Schedule: An internal proposal preparation schedule is prepared by Pro Write Solutions and approved by the client prior to commencement of proposal work. A clearly defined and approved schedule ensures time is properly allocated to each phase.

Content Allocation Matrix: A user-friendly matrix outlining each proposal requirement based on the evaluation criteria, as set out by the Contracting Authority, is developed. Each section of the proposal is assigned to an individual in the proposal team.

Proposal Template: A clean, professional, and original proposal template is developed. Templates are created in conjunction with each client's corporate branding policy to ensure consistency and brand recognition.

Proposal Kick-Off Meeting: A proposal kick-off meeting is facilitated by the Pro Write Solutions Proposal Manager. The RFP Summary, Proposal Schedule, Content Allocation Matrix, Proposal Template, and technical strategy are discussed, acknowledged, and approved by the proposal team.

Content Development: Using the Proposal Template and the Content Allocation Matrix, each section of the proposal will be developed by the individual proposal team member(s) and supported by Pro Write Solutions.

Editing: During the content development phase, each section of the proposal will be edited by Pro Write Solutions to ensure each point is properly addresses and the proposal is compliant with all RFP requirements. Once a final draft has been achieved, a copy edit will be performed on the entire document which will ensure all errors are detected and corrected.

Team Reviews: Each proposal is subject to three reviews at the first draft, final draft, and compliance review stages.

Compliance Check: Once all editing and reviews have been completed, Pro Write Solutions reviews the entire RFP and proposal to ensure that ALL requirements have been addressed.

Production: We provide full-service color printing, binding, and packing of the highest quality to ensure a professional and polished proposal.

Follow-up and Clarification: Upon request of the client, the Pro Write Solutions will ensure that all clarification questions posed by the contracting authority are answered quickly and concisely.

Additional Business Services
We have developed our service offering to be flexible and dynamic. All services  are scale-able. We offer a variety of additional scale-able services that enable our clients to find more opportunities, develop their own proposal materials, and engage their own resources.

Boilerplate Development: Many RFPs require the submission of similar materials, which can be reused with minimal editing. This content includes corporate or company introduction, past performance information, key personnel experience.

Template Development: We create clear, crisp and professional document templates that our clients can reuse themselves when developing future proposals. Templates include: full proposal templates, title pages, resumes, and past performance experience.

Document Management Consulting: Half the battle when managing proposals is ensuring that all files are well organized, up-to-date and easily accessible to the proposal team. We develop and implements a document management and filing system for clients that is easy to maintain. This system ensures that all digital documents are kept organized, versions are controlled and source material is never far away. We also develop documents for tracking proposal statistics such as awards.

Proposal Evaluation: Most clients find that they only receive about 50% of the debriefings they really want. Pro Write Solutions provides clients with full proposal reviews, evaluations and debriefings, providing the feedback and understanding clients need to submit successful future bids. This service can be provided prior to or post-submission.