Proactive Ageing provides adult education and training activities that help our community develop health skills to prolong their vitality by natural factors, without drugs or surgery. In particular, we are focused on providing a range of scientifically validated activities to strengthen mental fitness for the second half of life. Like physical fitness, our brain’s health is largely under our direct control. Proactive Ageing will better equip our community to not only put more years into our life but also to put more life into our years.

The Healthy Brain Program is an initiative of Proactive Ageing to bring brain fitness services into the mainstream fitness industry. Arguably our brains are the most important organ in our human body and deserve to be as actively cared for as any other part. The objectives of the program are to  ....
• Maintain links with the leading scientific institutions across the world investigating brain health.
• Ensure that the public have as much information available about how to keep their brain healthy as they do for physical fitness and maintaining a healthy heart.
• Educate the public about how enormously adaptable (plastic) our brains are and the benefits that can bring to everyday life.
• Provide a brain fitness service sharpening our mental abilities and raising cognitive performance in targeted domains with tangible results and personally measurable outcomes.
• Giving you the skills to protect and extend the mental capital you have accumulated through life.

Reinventing Ageing - Proactive Ageing was created to maintain the health and wellbeing of our citizens as they age. Regardless of age we should all continue to flourish as individuals, participate in our communities and contribute to society. The company’s goal is to prolong the vibrancy of our youth by ....
• Offering fitness training specifically focused on our needs for the second half of life.
• Increasing community awareness of the scientific weight of evidence for risk reduction and proactive health strategies so that more educated personal choices can be made about our long term health.
• Offering preventative health education targeted at slowing the physical and mental decline that begins at around 30 years of age.
• Delivering a holistic approach to health and ageing. In particular, providing options to pursue your interests in physical health, mental fitness, regulating stress, nutrition and/or social engagement.